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DC SPIN Program Announcements

Updated September 21th 2015 10:00 PM


Wednesday, October 7th
Using Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques to Increase Security Awareness

This presentation will discuss how one organization utilized qualitative and quantitative techniques to increase security awareness in the software development lifecycle. The use of both qualitative and quantitative techniques allowed for a deeper understanding of the problems presented in security and software development thus allowing for finite changes. These changes allowed for the quantitative management of the IA functions associated with DoD software development. The presentation is from the perspective of a quality manager who performed the work and a high maturity lead appraiser who came in and performed a CMMI for Dev ML 5 appraisal.

October Speakers

Joanna Patterson
CACI International Inc.
Operational Excellence, Quality Manager

Joanna Patterson has a B.S in Adult Education, an M.B.A with a concentration in Information Security Management, and is working on her Doctor of Business Administration (All but Dissertation) with a concentration in Information Technology Management. Joanna has implemented and maintained ISO 9001, 20000, 27001, CMMI for Services ML 5, and CMMI for Development ML 5 Quality Management Systems for CACI. Prior to CACI Joanna designed and implemented Knowledge Management systems for audiences spanning over 2 million users that are still in use today in addition to managing training and quality departments for both commercial and government organizations.


Margaret Glover
Excellence in Measurement

Margaret Glover is the CEO of Excellence in Measurement Technology, and is an SEI-certified instructor.  Maggie has extensive background as a Member of the Technical Staff with the SEI for 7 years.  She is a former Captain in the Air Force serving as a Satellite Officer at SPACECMD in Cheyenne Mt.  Maggie has held positions such as the Anti-Satellite Test Program Manager as well as the Systems Test Manager for the Mission Planning Software for the F117A at the Lockheed Skunk Works.  Maggie is not just a High Maturity SCAMPI Lead Appraiser; she is an engineer by trade.   Maggie has a Master's Degree in Computer Resource Management and Information Systems and is a former Director at 3Com. She is an expert in ISO 9000, TL 9000 and CMMI.   Maggie is also a Six Sigma Blackbelt and has a Lean Manufacturing Certificate.


Tim Zeller, Broadsword (potential)
Title: Everything You Need to Know: Agile Transformation!

Dr. Ken Nidiffer
Struggles at the Frontiers of Workforce Development: … Acquisition, Development and Sustainment of Software Intensive Systems In Today’s Environment.