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You are invited to our DC SPIN meetings, generally held on the first Wednesday of each month (except during weeks with holidays and as needed to accommodate speakers and the schedules of CACI events), 7:30 - 9:00 PM, at our host location CACI in Fairfax, VA. Please arrive at 7:00 PM for networking and refreshments

Our meetings are free and open to the public. Anyone can join and be placed on our membership list by registering on our website.

Standard Meeting Location Guidelines

DC SPIN meeting attendees may need to sign in at the CACI Security Desk. For building security reasons, all attendees are asked to visit only the first (entry level) and second (meeting level) floors. In addition, please help keep the meeting room neat by helping to discard the refreshment remains at the end of the meeting.

Program Committee News

Our DC SPIN Program Chair, Jonathan D. Addelston (UpStart Systems, Reston, VA at (703-217-3378), would like support from DC SPIN members to help with the planning of these events. Please contact him, if you can help or have any advice, suggestions, or feedback on our current plans and recent programs.

DC SPIN is a membership-based organization, so your participation is needed to make DC SPIN's activities beneficial to you and the systems and software engineering community that DC SPIN intends to serve.

Earning Credit for PMI Certification through SPIN Meetings

According to PMI's Continuing Certification Handbook (CCR), attendance at DC SPIN meetings qualifies as a Category 2 (Professional Activities and Self-Directed Learning) activity. You can earn one PDU for each documented hour of self-directed learning that enhances project management knowledge or skills, to a maximum of 15 PDU's per CCR cycle. You can access additional information on PDU's at the PMI website. In particular, check their page on Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Reporting Forms.

Meeting Contacts

Jonathan D. Addelston (703-217-3378 Mobile) generally hosts the meetings and is the Program Chair who arranges future meeting topics, speakers, formats, locations, and schedules.

Rachel Bodami maintains all mailing lists and sends all announcements. Upstart Systems, LLC is the sponsor for and manages our DC SPIN website at

UpStart Systems, LLC is the sponsor for and manages our DC SPIN website at


There are no fees or dues of any kind, and anyone can join. We seek members interested in supporting our Mission Statement from academia, government, industry, and consulting organizations. Many of our members are in software, systems, or Information Technology organizations with responsibilities for executive leadership, project management, process management (process improvement), quality assurance, configuration management, measurement programs, and engineering activities. Please let your colleagues know about our activities.

Your email address is particularly useful because we send meeting announcements and most other correspondence via email. If your email address is recorded incorrectly, you will not get announcements because we will not send US Mail. Please provide this information accurately. Please send account updates to Rachel Bodami.


DC SPIN has no formal constitution, no by-laws, nor officers. We operate without those formal structures. We have an informal group of process improvement activists who volunteer for the DC SPIN using teamwork and consensus building. The programs offer SPIN-related issues such as new initiatives, special events, SPIN sponsored training, and SPIN coordinated conference participation.  Jonathan D. Addelston is the Program Chair for the DC SPIN programs and would enjoy hearing from potential presenters and the membership regarding interested topics. Any SPIN member may attend meetings, participate, and volunteer.

Policy regarding the use of media and meetings

The SPIN mailing list (e-mail and regular mail) is never sold, lent, or released in any way for any purpose. Organizations or individuals wishing to have announcements put into our written notices should submit them in e-mail to Jonathan D. Addelston. We put in announcements, space permitting, for local events that are free and of interest to our members (e.g., SSQ and the SSIG of ASQ). We put in announcements of other local events if there is a substantial discount for our SPIN members. We do not send out special broadcasts on behalf of vendors. We also do not advertise positions available or wanted, but people wishing to announce such positions can place printed notices on the table at the entrance of any SPIN meeting. We suggest 60 copies.


CACI is the sponsor for our monthly DC SPIN meetings. Ray Morales at CACI is the DC SPIN host.

UpStart Systems, LLC sponsors our DC SPIN web site. Many presentations that speakers have made at our meetings are available through our Past Meetings page.