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DC SPIN Meeting Information:

Next Meeting:
Monday, March 20, 2017
6 to 8 PM

At the
Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
Software Solutions Symposium (SSS)

Hilton Crystal City at
Washington Reagan National Airport
2399 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia, 22202, USA

Richmond room- Lobby Level.

Reception with light refreshments from 5-6 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that our speaker is
 Dr. Sarah Sheard from SEI.

What Systems Engineers and Project Managers Need to Know About Software

DC SPIN is pleased to be sponsoring this SEI event with publicity and has been offered a generous 15% discount for the conference, but, as usual, attendance at our DC SPIN Meeting is free.

 DCSPIN15 at

Please see the full conference information at .

Please RSVP to Rachel Bodami

Please include first and last name

The DC SPIN new email is


Here are a few announcements:
Our long-term, regular CACI meeting location is no longer available. We are currently on the hunt for a new space. We hope to have this all worked out by ASAP.  Please be patient with us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

We are always looking for speakers for our meetings. We request that preferences for topics, speakers, types of programs, and meeting locations be sent to If you are interested in helping DC SPIN by hosting or emceeing programs, please let Jonathan know.

DC SPIN is pleased to announce it has been invited to sponsor the Software Engineering Institute's Software Solution Symposium described at

We will hold our meeting at the Conference Facility at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, VA on one night of the Conference and DC SPIN members will have a 15% discount on the Conference Registration if they choose to attend. Our DC SPIN meeting attendance will be free, as usual. The speaker will be from the SEI's program to be selected jointly and to be announced soon.

We hope to arrange co-sponsorship and similar discounts for other DC area systems/software engineering related professional organizations as well. Please see the conference program accessible through the link provided above.

The conference should be very interesting to our members since you can expect answers to the following intriguing questions at the conference sessions:

* How might you measure the effect that system complexity would have on safety?

* What data would your present to senior leaders who are considering adopting Agile?

* What is technical debt and how can it be managed effectively?

* How can you elicit unstated needs from a variety of stakeholders?

* Can DoD organizations legally develop software using Agile?

* Is data more expensive to produce or to consume?

* How can misuse cases identify security requirements that have been overlooked?

* How can software determine what causes cause what effects, just based on reading your organization's data?

* How can systems engineering technical reviews (SETRs) be modified to make them compatible with both Agile and DoD requirements?

* What are the pros and cons of different methods for trading off software security methods?

* What factors need to be included when estimating the effectiveness of long-term software sustainment?

* How can a developer mitigate the risks inherent in an assembly-based software development strategy?

* How can classical integer programming be used to determine the least-cost (quickest) order for test configurations?

* How can attacks due to exploitation of common programming errors be mitigated? (NOTE: I kept this one because I think that attacks due to exploitation of programming errors are a subset of attacks in general. The tutorial is on secure coding and doesn't cover everything that CERT is concerned about, only attacks that result directly from programming errors.)

* How can architecture-centric virtual integration practice (ACVIP) Identify system-level issues early in development, making them much less expensive to mitigate?

SEI has transitioned the CMMI and related products out of the SEI and to another CMU organizational unit, see SEI Site.
The new organization is the CMMI Institute.

Thank you to all DC SPIN members who helped to volunteer at the SEPG 2014 Conference in Washington, DC.

New and continuing from 05/18/2014

CALL FOR PAPERS for American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Quality Professional (SQP) publication

Jonathan D. Addelston is a founding member of the SQP editorial review board and the SQP needs articles for its pipeline of issues. Hugh (Taz) Daughtrey has suggested the following topics, but others would be interesting as well:

Comparing the Agile Manifesto, the Rugged Manifesto, and any other applicable manifesto

Quality principles that we have failed to fully apply to software

Malpractice recognition in other professions that might inform software quality engineering expectations

A series of shorter (~1000-word) treatments of "Quality Imperatives for ..." devices
... big data computing
...personal privacy electrical grid houses
...automobiles systems
... others

Several of these shorter pieces could be stitched together in a given issue or, if any deserve fuller treatment, grow into a more traditional-length (4000- to 6000-word) article.

Please let Jonathan (JDAddelston @ know if you are interested in authoring an article for SQP.

DC SPIN Programs

DC SPIN is actively seeking suggestions and applications for/from speakers on presentation topics, program formats, and other activities.

Missions Statement:

The Washington DC Area Software Process Improvement Network (DC SPIN) is a leadership forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and practical ideas. We promote achieving higher levels of process maturity, software quality, and mutual respect. Our goal is to help sustain commitment and enhance skills through an active program of networking, publications, recognition of excellence, and mutual support.