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DC SPIN Meeting Information:


DC SPIN does not want to conflict with the SEPG NA Conference in McLean, on May 6-7th.

The CMMI Institute is still looking for volunteers. Please see the information below if you would like to help out.

As a volunteer they will give you a
discount code to say thanks!


JUNE 2014


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For new facility security reasons, our host company, CACI, requires that we ask you to provide your nationality, when you register.  You will also, be asked for your nationality (without any evidence required) when you check in with the guard.  No one will be excluded, based on the nationality information provided.  Please bear with us, as we adjust and adapt to this new requirement. 

If you have any concerns or have any questions, please contact Jonathan D. Addelston at

The DC SPIN new email is

SEI has transitioned the CMMI and related products out of the SEI and to another CMU organizational unit, see SEI Site.
The new organization is the CMMI Institute.

DC SPIN is helping with the SEPG North America Conference; here is a note from the CMMI Institute.

Planning for the CMMI Conference: SEPG North America is going well. The event is to be held at the Sheraton in Tysons Corner on May 6 & 7.  Follow this link for more information:

The CMMI Conference: SEPG North America 2014


The program submissions were of good quality, we are ahead of our registration goals, and some DC SPIN members have already been a help in reviewing the program.


We want help to make sure that conference is a great experience for our attendees and we believe that having some knowledgeable local hosts will go a long way.


Thank you to DC SPIN members who are already participating in peer review of presentations.  We now need volunteers for the following additional roles and times on site. 


If you are willing to help with these, please email and we’ll confirm you as a volunteer and give you a discount code to say thanks!


Monday Evening, May 5th  
5 set-up helpers from 8-10 PM


Tuesday, May 6th
10 registration volunteers from 6-9 AM

10 info desk volunteers for one hour shifts through the day 10 AM – 8 PM

10 room monitors for workshop sessions


Wednesday, May 7th

10 info desk volunteers for one hour shifts through the day 7 AM – 5 PM

10 room monitors for workshop sessions

5 break down volunteers from 5 - 7 PM


Please send an email with any roles that you will volunteer to fill.  If you are willing to take more than one role or shift, please indicate that.


Thank you for your help!


Eileen Forrester, program chair

Katie Tarara, even chair


The CMMI Conference: SEPG North America 2014

May 6-7, 2014  |  Washington, DC, USA

Eileen Forrester
CMMI Product Manager
CMMI Institute
+1 412 282 4032

New 01/09/2014

CALL FOR PAPERS Agile Alliance Agile2014 Research Track

for Richard Turner, DSc Distinguished Service Professor School of Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute of Technology

Please see

Please see the following links for information provided by our member, Rhonda Farrell, about the merits of IEEE membership, which were mentioned at our November 2013 meeting. It's important information to consider.

DC SPIN is actively seeking suggestions and applications for/from speakers on presentation topics, program formats, and other activities.

We plan to be supporting the SEPG 2014 Conference in Washington, DC.

Missions Statement:

The Washington DC Area Software Process Improvement Network (DC SPIN) is a leadership forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and practical ideas. We promote achieving higher levels of process maturity, software quality, and mutual respect. Our goal is to help sustain commitment and enhance skills through an active program of networking, publications, recognition of excellence, and mutual support.